Think of us as a trip to the grocery store – we offer a little bit of everything. You might have wandered in for a simple pack of gum or perhaps you’re shopping with a specific list in hand. And, while you don’t see yourself ever needing 50-gallon barrels of mustard, it’s reassuring to know it’s there anyway. Now, we don’t actually offer gum or mustard, but we do offer every possible service related to marketing. So should you need something more… you’ll know right where to find it. 

Consultation & Planning

You want help because you need a plan and guidance. Regardless of the service level you require, we become your confidante, advisor and partner. With loyalty and a critical eye, we get our hands dirty. We trudge through market data, conduct research and create strategies based upon our collected information. Whether you want us to handle all marketing communication functions or just provide valuable guidance to your existing marketing department, you will have over 45 years of marketing experience at your side.


You have a brand, whether you want one or not. But here’s the tricky part—your  brand isn’t what you say or think you are. Your brand is defined by your customers opinions and experiences with your company. Sure, you can try to influence their opinions, but in the end, they make up their own mind on whether they choose you… or the other guys down the street. By creating a proactive brand communication strategy, we’ll help you shape customers’ minds on who you really are and what you offer, instead of allowing “others” to define it for you.

Market Research

Never assume. We maintain that staying informed is crucial to staying afloat in the market. And when you want to get out of the water and stand on solid ground, you need to see the nitty-gritty. That’s what research is all about—gaining a clear view of the consumer and their wants.


First impressions last, but all impressions are influential. The images and words you send to your audience should be attractive and polished. “Ok” doesn’t cut it. For us creativity is a means to an end; that end being good, effective advertising. With this in mind, we have built a strong team of talented designers and copywriters who can create clear, concise materials and strategic campaigns that will obtain desired results and benefit your brand.  

Media Placement

Sometimes when the price is right, it comes at the cost of your message. Rather than allow our clients to pay an attractive price for a misguided media purchase, we create a balance that does not compromise your brand or your wallet.  

Public Relations

The public eye never blinks. And just like your high-definition television, every wrinkle, mole or stubborn cowlick is in clear view and magnified! That’s why having a great PR team behind you is so essential. Think of us as the “Big Brother” of marketing. We’ll help you continually monitor your image in the media and emphasize your best features through press releases, news coverage, special events and social media websites.  

Websites & Interactive Solutions

It's a dark and stormy night, and someone is trying to load a website. This is the kind of website you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley... it’s full of dead links, music, flashy animations, and on a full moon it shuts down browsers and freezes computers. But it gets worse. The website is yours! Too scary? Ok, let’s try a story with a happy ending. You decide to go with our Content Management System, which will allow you to update your website in a matter of seconds with new content, images and video. Plus, our SEO and SEM experts can dramatically increase and track the number of visitors your site receives and how many opt in to your email list. All websites and interactive solutions are developed by McDaniels Interactive, a division of McDaniels Marketing.  

Promotional Products

From t-shirts and tradeshow giveaways to high-end promotion packages, handing out a product with your name on it not only makes a good impression… it’s also a lasting one. Browse through our online gallery or let our promotion experts lead a search for you to find great products at a great price.


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